Being located in the centre of the face, the nose is an important factor for a person’s physiognomy. Its shape and size have a major impact on appearance. Apart from the aesthetic part, let’s not forget that the nose is a part of the respiratory system, so its dysfunctions can lead to serious health problems. That is why people, since ancient times, have tried to perform interventions on the nose, changing its shape and size and also improving its functionality. The first rhinoplasties were performed in Ancient Egypt and Ancient India, and the principles of this operation were traced by the famous Indian surgeon Susruta, the father of plastic and repair surgery. A highly sought after the operation, rhinoplasty is a procedure that arouses a lot of curiosity from patients.
Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to correct the nose. Statistically, this is the third-largest operation in the world in terms of the number of requests, more and more people – women and men alike – are appealing to it.

Corrections made by rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is aimed at reshaping the nose, regarding its appearance. If the person has a septal deviation, then this intervention can be associated with a septoplasty. It is important to understand that its functionality takes precedence. Rhinoplasty and septoplasty can be performed at the same time surgically, giving the satisfaction of a beautiful but also medically healthy nose. Corrections that can be made by rhinoplasty are:

Resizing the nose and harmonizing with the structure of the face

  • The doctor will reshape the nose so that the physiognomy is well proportioned.

Remodelling the nose and correcting the nasal profile

  • For situations in which the nasal profile has certain deformities, rhinoplasty is the only correction solution.

Restoration of nasal symmetry

  • Nasal symmetry is extremely important for physiognomy and can only be restored by rhinoplasty.

Repair of nasal deviations

  • Septal deviation is a diagnosis that causes a lot of people to resort to rhinoseptoplasty.

Reduce or eliminate snoring

  • And this inconvenience can be eliminated in rhinoseptoplasty