The Benefits Of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is sometimes a choice and sometimes a necessity. If the decision is well weighed, the operation is well performed, and the post-operative medical indications are followed, it has only benefits on the patient.

Health benefits by improving breathing

Nasal breathing is physiological, and the air reaches the lungs filtered, heated and humidified – essential features for healthy breathing. In the case of oral respiration, we are not dealing with a change in the air, and it reaches the lungs without being cleaned. Improving nasal breathing is, therefore, an extremely important aspect when talking about the patient’s health. If nasal breathing is difficult, the patient will breathe orally, which increases the risk of allergies and viruses. Improving nasal breathing – achieved by either rhinoplasty or septoplasty – will facilitate natural, healthy breathing. The rhinoplasty operation also solves the deviations of some nasal valves or the cornet hypertrophy.

Emotional benefits

Improving physical appearance has a beneficial emotional impact on patients. Of all the emotional benefits, increasing self-confidence is certainly among the most important. As a result of rhinoplasty and improved physical appearance, patients feel more confident, have a richer social life, and as a result of this change of attitude, all aspects of daily life are improved.

When rhinoplasty is recommended

Rhinoplasty is a variant in which the patient wants a symmetrical, uniform nose, without deformations, a change in the tip of the nose or a reduction of the nose. Also, rhinoplasty is recommended to repair the effects of an accident, but also to improve breathing. The rhinoseptoplasty operation is also useful if you want to position the septum on the middle line of the nose, which leads to both improved breathing and improved appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty can best be performed by an otolaryngologist in Miami.

When rhinoplasty is NOT recommended

Rhinoplasty can be performed on request, but it is essential that the patient be clinically healthy. If he is not sure that he wants a change of such magnitude, rhinoplasty is not indicated.

Other interventions that can be done with rhinoplasty

Along with rhinoplasty, first of all, septoplasty can be done – the repair of the septal deviation or of any intervention that addresses the aesthetic aspect of the nasal functionality. Being a rather delicate operation, other interventions associated with it are not recommended.…